Stefan Applis

I work as an Assistant Professor of Geography and its Didactics at university and I teach at school. I am particularly interested in questions about how people create and shape their living spaces. My deepest respect belongs to those who master their lives under the most difficult circumstances, for which they are rarely responsible themselves.

„Expose the objects, recover them, make them speak – that is the path of archaeology proposed here. (…) The world is viewed and readable through the history of things, through the analysis of signs and forms of transport, places and routines (…).

Karl Schloegel (2017). The Soviet century, p. 21

contact: stefan.applis[at]fau.de


My Twitter handle is @doinggeography

spaces, places, practises

The project #SpacesandPractises via @doinggeography explores in various regions the question of how people shape space as a social reality. This is primarily concerned with spaces where there are conflicts of interpretation. These arise from the fact that different groups compete for the sovereignty of interpretation over the space. In other words, they want to determine how all subjects and objects that appear in it are to be understood.

The aim here is to follow the traces in space, to sift through them, and also to secure the legacies of past generations. The findings that are brought to light, captured in photographs and stories, are to be put together in a mosaic, which is commonly referred to as history.

For further and more detailed studies of the cultural-geographical space in Georgia (South Caucasus) follow also the #SvanetiSeries and the #GeorgianPerspectives.